Auto Title Pawn

auto title pawn

Basically, a car title pawn is a type of loan that is given to those in urgent need of cash. Instead of using their vehicles as collateral, a car title pawn would make use of their car title. While the car is not used as collateral, it is important that you remember that the amount of money that would be given to you will depend on the value of your car. If for example, your car is worth about $2,000, you could be offered a loan of about $1,000 to over $1,500. Basically, the value of your car will determine the amount of money that would be given to you.

A car title pawn means that your car title is your collateral. Your credit score or history is not taken into consideration when getting a car title pawn. A car title pawn is similar and also different in a way from pawning your item. While a pawn shop gives you cash for emergencies in exchange for any of your valuable item that is actually worth loan, a title pawn gives you a loan while you get to hold your valuable item.

Auto Pawn

An auto pawn loan does not actually require you to give up your vehicle or automobile before you are given cash. Auto pawns happen to be quite similar to a pawn shop the only difference being that you do not get to give up your vehicle, rather you give up the deed of ownership, that is the document that proves that you own this vehicle. This document will include vital information about the vehicle and would only be given back to you when you have fully repaid the loan.

On the other hand, a car title loan will require you to offer your car title in exchange for cash. The lender or company will hold on to the title and would only be released when you finally payback. The interesting thing about this is that you will continue driving your car until you repay your loan.

Why Most People See Title Pawn As The Ideal Loan Option

A number of these reasons include but are definitely not limited to these;

·         It offers you a number of financing options to choose from.

·         You are given cash in exchange for your car title

·         With a title pawn, you get to drive your car while your loan is yet to be repaid.

·         It serves as a convenient opportunity to get extra cash to solve or offset certain bills that are urgent. For example, a title pawn will help you offset that medical bill; it will help you pay that rent, and would also give you cash to make that repair you’ve been planning to do.

Currently, there are a number of companies that offer Title Pawn loans, and they are ready to help out.

How It Works

Knowing how a title pawn works will help you when you find yourself in tight corners. It will help you get that extra cash if emergencies arise. While it is helpful, there are about three steps that would have to be taken to get this loan. The steps to be followed include;

1.       Step 1; find and contact a company that offers title pawns. It is important that you find one that best suits your interest.

2.       Step 2; you will need to qualify for the loan. Most companies have requirements that must be met before you get the loan.

3.       Step 3; apply for the loan.

Basic Requirements For Title Pawn

While most companies have their requirements, the basic requirements are;

·         Personal information

·         A car or automobile

·         Salvage title

·         Proof of your residence

·         Government ID

·         Monthly income details etc.